Exalted – New Manse Powers

The Statue of Liberty's head, on exhibit at th...

No, you need the ORIGINAL for it to work!

One problem with building Manses is that the local gods are almost certainly using any worthwhile demesne already. A strong demesne can support a powerful sanctum, and thus the god or gods using that power will be loathe to give it up.

Charles would rather have their cooperation than their opposition, and has serious objections to wrecking peoples homes, and so is working on the following series of manse powers.

  • Spiritual Stronghold (2): A physical structure that actually occupies a demesne is a far more efficient focus of magical power than a sanctum which primarily exists elsewhere. A manse with this power is essentially a spiritual condominium; up to a dozen spirits may establish sanctums rated at the manse rating or three (whichever is better) within it by simply being invited in by the hearthstone bearer. While such sanctums cannot ever generate hearthstones, they otherwise obey the usual rules for a manse empowered by a demesne of the manse’s level. If a pre-existing empowered sanctum already exists, this power allows it to be smoothly integrated into the manse if the god or gods using it and the builder agree. Otherwise it will lose power normally when the manse is completed.
  • Spiritual Nexus (2): The manse is a nexus for spiritual energies. If a great many people pay attention to it, it can convert the spiritual energies they focus on it into the equivalent of a Cult which the hearthstone bearer may either draw on or assign to some god associated with the manse. Thus, for example, turning the Statue of Liberty into a Spiritual Nexus might yield the equivalent of a Cult ****. Elvis’s Mansion might, perhaps, yield a Cult ***, and so on. Simply building a massive, impressive, building (like a full-scale gothic cathedral) is usually worth a Cult * or **.

Charles is, in fact, planning on getting a lot of people thinking about some of his manses by installing things like World of Warcraft servers in them.

  • Ambrosial Font (2): If added to a Spiritual Nexus, this useful power allows the energies of the manses “cult” to manifest as quintessence and ambrosia inside the manse, which gains properties roughly equivalent to Yu-Shan in this regard – although, if they are removed from the manses influence, they will instantly vanish as usual.

This, of course, will make those “apartment slots” a very hotly-valued commodity indeed. Access to even small amounts of Quintessence and Ambrosia is rare for a Terrestrial God – which is where most such manses will be built. After all, in Yu-Shan who needs this?

  • Essence Battery (1): The manse produces a reserve of motes that it makes available to attuned characters within the manse. Such a reserve contains 25 motes, renews itself at the normal recharge rate of the manse, and this power may be taken up to once per level of the manse.

Another modest-but-handy benefit.

  • Awakened Little God (1): The manse’s little god is an awakened ally of the hearthstone bearers. Such a god cannot be truly slain while the manse endures, and can usually be constructed as an Essence-3 spirit if the manse is rated at *** or less, essence 4 if it’s rated at **** or higher.
  • Sacred Ground (1): Thaumaturgists within a radius of (100 x Manse Level) yards may draw three motes from the manse to power thaumaturgy with up to (Manse Level + 2) times per day each. This does not count as an action; the motes are simply available when needed.