Exalted – Building Commando Armor


Concealed Armor; It's a GOOD thing.

Commando Armor (Artifact *** or ****)

This particular armor enchantment package can be piled onto any type of mundane armor, but it’s usually stacked onto heaver stuff. Weaker armor generally just isn’t worth bothering with. It is worth remembering that powers can be traded out – hence a few tweaks can easily adapt Commando Armor for many other purposes.

The standard package includes:

  • Ability Bonuses: +2 to Archery, Awareness, Martial Arts, Melee, Resistance, Stealth, and Thrown. As actual skill bonuses, these also increase relevant defense values (7 x Class-A)
  • Nightsight (Class-A).
  • Hardness = One-half the soak of the armor, rounded up (Class-A).
  • Regardless of the base armor type selected, Commando Armor can look like any kind of armor (Class-A).
  • +2 Strength (Class-B)
  • Double Ground Speed (Class-B).
  • Regenerate one level of bashing damage every third action during combat, all in a minute out of combat (Class-B)

Artifact Design: Power 10 x Class-A, 3 x Class-B = Class-E. Adding in Self-Powered C (bringing the attunement cost down to 5 motes or two will) means Power 8, Usefulness 4, Plot Impact 1, Script Immunity 1 = 14.

  • Technomagical Version: Troublesome -2 (maintenance every week on penalty of various functions starting to fail, repair rating 2), for a net total or 12, and an artifact rating of 12/4 = ***. Note that, if you use Articulated Plate as the base armor you wind up with Soak +9L/9B, Hardness 5L/5B, Mobility -3, and Fatigue 2 – overall, an exact match for Gunzosha Commando Armor. If you wish to match it precisely, throw in the note that you can attune the armor with only one point of willpower – but, in this case, the remainder is made up the armor draining the user’s life force and inflicting him or her with accelerated aging.
  • First Age Technomagical OR Enchantment Version: Drop Troublesome (no upkeep is required), upgrade the secondary power suite to Class-D (for Power 9). Reduce the Mobility Penalty of the base armor by 2 (Class-B) and the Fatigue by 1 (Class-A). Sadly, this version has a net artifact rating of 15/4 = **** – however, if the mobility and fatigue penalties of the base armor are reduced to 0, it no longer counts as wearing armor at all.
  • Classical Enchantment Version: Components -2 (Usually demon blood and hearthstone powder in addition to the usual components for a rating-3 artifact), for an artifact rating of 12/4 = ***. Sadly, since the Components problem doesn’t reduce the purchase cost, classical versions count as four-dot artifacts when purchased during character creation.

Charles’s Enchantment Version uses Components -3 (Ambrosia) and is based on Perfect Armor (reduce Mobility and Fatigue Penalties by 1 each, two +1 bonuses split among soak (adds 1L/1B), mobility (reduces mobility penalty by one) or fatigue (reduces fatigue value by one) – increasing the number of successes required, if not the artifact rating. This allows him to upgrade the secondary power suite to include a Class-C suite of secondary effects – including several thaumaturgical tricks. While the thaumaturgical functions of the armor can be disrupted by Countermagic or suitable charms, they will soon re-establish themselves.

  • Self-Powered (Class-C).
  • -1 to the Fatigue and Mobility Penalty of the base armor. If this, in conjunction with the modifiers for Perfect Armor, above, reduce both of those to zero, the armor no longer counts as wearing armor for the purposes of charms and such that will not function if the user wears armor (2 x Class-A).

The Thaumaturgical Suite includes:

  • Generate a Shadow-Weaving Shield (as per desired physical shield) or up to a 10 x 10 wall on command. These have 12B/12L/12A Soak, require 12 levels of damage to destroy, and last for ten minues otherwise. This operates three times a day for free, each use after that costs 3 Motes or 1 Willpower (Class-A, for a Shadow Weaving Science effect).
  • Provides a blurring/multiple-image effect on command, adding +2 to the user’s Dodge DV (Class-0).
  • Maintains a thaumaturgical link to a Manse (usually Saturn’s Mercy Hospital): This provides the user with rapid healing, +5 bonus successes against disease and poison, and immunity to Shaping and Crippling effects (Class-0).

Charles can make the armor out of one magical material or another, but will usually make it out of Orichalcum – providing an additional +2L/+2B soak and +1L/+1B hardness. In this case, each suit will have a slot to mount an appropriate Fivefold Harmonic Adapter – allowing its recipient to make proper use of it. He normally uses Articulated Plate as a basis (even if it looks, thanks to that minor appearance-related power, like a simple breastplate – or even a shirt). This winds up with attributes of Soak +12L/+12B, Hardness 6L/6B, Mobility -, and Fatigue -, and so does not count as wearing armor for the purposes of charms and such that will not function if the user wears armor.

In the current, Exalted Modern setting, Commando Armor counts as Artifact Armor **** – and so provides it’s wearers with two levels of ox-body technique and perfectly caps damage from any attack or flurry at three health levels.