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Alchemical Resources

Since this particular answer might be generally useful, I’m posting it independently; here’s a brief list of the alchemy-related items currently posted on the site.

  • For Glowstone Alchemy we have the Basics and the Items.
  • The low-powered Ceremonial Magic system here can be used for alchemy.
  • The Philosopher’s Stone pops up on this list of Relics.
  • The Exotic Compounds might come in useful as examples of alchemical preparations. The posted examples include Vidan (a drug which breaks down mental barriers), Kos and Narhan (a sensory amplifier and a regeneration-inducer), M’ram (a stimulant), Denila (metabolic stabilizer), and Zashin (A drug that extends the user’s mind into other dimensions).
  • The Alchemical Magic spell list was in Eclipse, but got a few extra notes here; the blog has no space limitations.
  • The Noun Isomers were set up for World Tree, but are general enough to serve as inspiration for things like classical “True Earth” and other “pure elements”.
  • The Esoteric Botany series includes a number of plants with alchemical properties: Earth Magic Plants, Life Magic Plants, Death Magic Plants, and Spirit Magic Plants.
  • The Elemental Physics article might help with getting into the alchemical mindset and suggesting ideas.
  • Black Stone Alchemy – along with some other exotic magical systems – is briefly covered in this Legend of the Five Rings article. There are some notes on the magical properties of stones as well, to be found in Part I and Part II.
  • The Alchemic Mastery option in this set of power-packages is good for making adventurous alchemists; it lets them make a selection of minor items to bring along on each adventure without prohibitive costs.
  • The Allomancer Template works for some kinds of alchemists.
  • Zareth has a listing of his usual alchemical wares. He’s an Exalted character, but most of his wares are generic enough for any setting that allows alchemy in the first place.
  • The Pathfinder Alchemist is really more of a “mad bomber” than an alchemist, but here’s the Eclipse Conversion anyway.
  • It really hasn’t got much to do with classical alchemy, but here’s Edward Elric, the “Full Metal Alchemist”.
  • An article on why spells granting alchemical bonuses aren’t too practical can be found over here.