Kevin’s Divine Endowment Bonuses

   Lord Kevin, thanks to a complex series of feedback loops, is now bestowing some sixty-eight points – close to three levels worth – of benefits upon his faithful followers. In general, that’s his agents and priests and wanna-be agents and priests.

   He hasn’t really thought about the fact that the eligible candidates include people who would like to work for him but who are bound by other commitments, people who THINK that they’re doing what he wants when they’re really not, people who are being misled by self-serving “priests”, anyone who develops the ability to tap into that power without actually being a faithful follower (by buying an immunity to that requirement), and various other complications.

   In fact, it’s entirely possible to be tapping into Kevin’s power-boost even while actively opposing Kevin, as long as you’d rather not be doing so if you had a free choice.

   In other words, in one of the usual recipes for trouble, he’s handing out power without checking on the people who are getting it. In fact, he’s so enmeshed in feedback loops that – at this point – it will be nearly impossible for him to bring things under control.

   In any case, those powers now include:

  • One level of Full-Package Clerical Spellcasting with the Negative Energy and Witchery Domains (10 CP). This includes:
    • Three Level Zero and One Level One Spell Slots, plus One Domain Spell Slot. These are most commonly filled with : Light, Suppress Energy, and Detect Magic [all of which can be converted to Charm Person for one power] for level zero, Cure Light Wounds [may be converted to Amplify Psychic Power] and Lesser Disruption for level one.
    • Spell Conversion to the Witchery Domain Spells.
    • Two Domain Feats – Normally 12 CP worth of Witchcraft or additional Power.
    • A Witchcraft Pact: The Spirit Pact. This means that – if they’re killed – their spirits will be drawn to Kadia, Kevin’s afterlife-realm. It also provides them with the remaining 6 CP needed to purchase full basic Witchcraft. That’s (Str+Dex+Con)/3 Power and seven abilities from the basic Witchcraft list – normally including The Hand of Shadows and Healing.
  • +1d6+2 Power (3 CP). With their usual Relic, this provides (Str+Dex+Con)/3 + 4d6 +2 Power. That’s not an enormous amount, but it’s enough to use a fair amount of Witchcraft.
  • Rite of Chi with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized/only usable to recover Power and requires ten minutes of meditation to use (4 CP).
  • Immunity to Sensory-Based Mind Control. Immunity (Uncommon / Major / Minor, blocks effects of up to L3 and provides a +4 on saves against more powerful effects) (4 CP).
  • Dimensional Adaption: Enthusiast, Specialized for double effect: Only for the “Identities” skill, Corrupted: only changes in new realm, reduces the cost of Identities by 2 SP. For wannabes in the Manifold, this will usually provide +16 CP worth of local privileges, wealth, and so on (2 CP).
  • Broad Skills (all +Int Mod): Appraise (1 SP +Int Mod), Gather Information (1 SP +Cha Mod), Parenting (1 SP + Wis Mod), Search (1 SP +Int Mod), Sleight of Hand (1 SP + Dex Mod), Spellcraft (1 SP +Int Mod), and Wealth (Core) (5 SP +Cha Mod) (11 CP).
  • Narrow Skills (All +Int Mod +5 Training): Dimensional Navigation (1 SP +Wis Mod), First Aid (1 SP +Wis Mod), Negotiation (1 SP +Cha Mod), and Profession/Administration (1 SP +Wis Mod) (4 CP).
  • Reflex Training, three bonus actions as required per day (6 CP).
  • Luck with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized in Saving Throws (4 CP).
  • Shapeshift with +2 Bonus Uses (9 CP).
  • Occult Ritual, Specialized in Summonings, Bindings, and Pacts (3 CP).
  • Relic Mastery: Enthusiast x2, Specialized in Relics for double effect the first time, to let them have 4 CP worth of relics of their choice (6 CP).
  • Create Relic: Specialized/two-point Relics maximum and Corrupted/only for use with their points from Enthusiast (2 CP).

   Would-be followers can usually be assumed to have created some personal relics:

  • A Psychic Focusing Crystal which provides +3d6 Power (1 CP).
  • A Warding Eye of Kadia: Grant of Aid with +4 Bonus Uses (2 CP).
  • A relic providing an advanced witchcraft talent of choice or some other one-character point Relic (1 CP).

   Full Thralls can usually be expected to have created:

  • A Psychic Focusing Crystal which provides +3d6 Power (1 CP).
  • A Warding Eye of Kadia: +4 Bonus Uses for Grant of Aid (1 CP).
  • Two other one-point relics of choice.

12 Responses

  1. I AM KEVIN and this is not a registered website. Don’t speak about something you don’t know unless it has been in a divination or gnostic ritual where three or more are concerned. Since the Goetia teaches that one can access the fifth dimension; I’ll let the transgression slide, you who seek wisdom, let it be known only those that are not duplicitous in mind can discern a god (spirit of the Ether ) or GOD the only one true GOD who controls all. Be careful who you believe in. GOD never came as who. GOD always comes as a result of decision. REMEMBER THIS!!!! GOD has always reacted to FAITH. BELIEF WITHOUT PROOF. BELIEVE and it SHALL BE ONE UNTO YOU.
    The single thought of faith withoutdoubt. The virus of the devil. FAITH kills all the the perpetual beatings and slayings of he mind. This is secre knowledge. Without shame or guilt accusations have no meaning. If you are innocent in the mind, youare reighteous in the body. I live.

    • Dear me. Missing letters, badly-constructed sentences, inability to recognize that this is a blog about role-playing-games…

      Normally I’d classify this as spam, but it hasn’t got any links in it, so I suppose it can stay as an example of foolishness. There are a few more around the site.

      • …I’m confused… is this an inside joke I’m not getting?^^°

      • I’ve never been quite sure whether it was intended to be a joke or whether the writer is actually just crazy.

        I’ve had comments from people who thought articles were real, people who are probably too far into character, people who believed that someone in their family had been cursed, people unable to recognize blatantly fictional timelines, people who were quoting Shadowrun rules in support of fundamentalist religious arguments (offsite, and long since deleted, but amazingly stupid), and quite a few others who seemed confused in various ways. In general… I try to point them back towards reality if they’re at all coherent.

        In this particular case, I’m not even sure what direction reality might be for the writer.

      • Wow, and I thought I was the kind of person that could get really into character…
        Honestly makes me concerned, ’cause I’ve known someone who started acting similar after some… unfortunate events in his life, employing this as a weird coping mechanism.

        Though the Shadowrun-thing has actually happened before in various ways, and the idea that invalid, disconnected information would somehow prove religion (which is a paradox in itself: Since most monotheistic gods are described as supernatural, any clear evidence would result into an argument that, due to evidence existing, a god that exists is not said monotheistic god, due to the lack of the supernatural quality due to existing evidence). Would still have loved to read it… Maybe it’s somewhere in the waybackmachine?

        Anyway, there was another thing I wanted to ask: What are regular Endowments in Eclipse? I have a character that uses Endowment, and so far the abilities granted are Unique Returning (with a quarter CP-Rewrite and designated Form) and WItchcraft III (with The Secret Order) as well as a Greater Endowment Returning (Specialized to actually just steal an unborn childs body, setting said children and other worshippers in queue, but that in exchange extends to all who are aware of said minor deity, regardless of their opinions or worship of it).

        Now I need some more logical abilities to follow it up, since said character was exposed to a Great Awakening and now grants an additional 180 CP worth of stuffs.

        Any suggestions? The picked up subdomains (domains) of the minor deity are Psionics (Magic), Secrets (Knowledge), Doom (Destiny) and Community. The alignment is LE.

      • Sorry, it was 156 CP. I forgot that I spent 24 of those on Shapeshift, Enchanted (for whatever your original Shapeshift allows you to turn into), Create Relic (Specialized to only be useable with the points from Enthusiast, Corrupted since it makes you count as Evil for various negative effect and has you take 1 additional damage per character level from sonic attacks) and Enthusiast/Double (Specialized and Corrupted to only be useable to create one single, specific relic).

        The specific relic is the Axiomatic Symbol (granting 2*3*6*3=108 CP) and has:
        Attribute Shift 6 CP
        Beasts 3 CP
        Dire 3 CP
        Dragon 6 CP
        Elemental (All) 6 CP
        Ooze 6 CP
        Plant 3 CP
        Shape of Death (Incorporeal) 12 CP
        Verminform (Swarm) 9 CP
        Enchanted (All Forms) 36 CP
        Shrinking 3 CP
        Growth 3 CP
        Spirit of the Wild 12 CP

      • If it’s with respect to the original comment that was something of a concern – but lacking any followup contact there really wasn’t much to be done. It could be someone going over the edge, or it could just be somebody trolling – and there’s no way of telling.

        The logic of monotheistic gods disproving themselves by providing evidence really doesn’t work though; being supernatural is being unbound by known natural laws (and sometimes by logic) – so “proof of existence” doesn’t prove that something isn’t supernatural. Besides, why should a god respect human dictionaries?

        The fundamentalist fellow quoting Shadowrun rules in support of his religious arguments wasn’t deluded that way though; someone had said something about “Spirit Imbuement” in reference to “Harpur Style Transcendentalism”. He googled ran a search on “Spirit Imbuement” and turned up the term in my shadowrun rules. He then decided that that must be the “real” definition (presumably because it was coherent and used terms that he didn’t understand), block-quoted half the page, and started trying to use it as “proof” that it was wrong and blasphemous based on how I’d defined it for Shadowrun.

        He came in for a lot of mockery, given that he was apparently incapable of distinguishing between “rules for a game” and religious faiths – as well as being unable to comprehend that “you shalt not steal” and “you shalt not bear false witness” applied to stealing pages worth of material and posting it without crediting it and to lying about doing so respectively.

        There aren’t exactly any “regular” Endowments – although it does interlock with the Character Traits rules if you want to use those. I’m not quite sure how a Grand Awakening would bestow a lot of character points, but I suppose it’s one of those “you had to be at the table at the time” things. Or was that in reference to the Relic?

        For powers related to the domains… bonus Power, access to a Path of Curses, boosts to knowledge skills, the True Prosperity witchcraft power and perhaps some of the group defenses (Path of Light, Blessing and Warding), perhaps Path of Light / Divination, given the body takeover trick Seize the Wandering Soul and perhaps Possession (or even some of the advanced possession effects).

      • Hmm… I guess you are right about the superatural thing. This is where the fact that english isn’t my first language comes to light.

        On the topic of gaining many CP: If a level 1 character is subjected to Grand Awakening, he gains 4 levels, which means his Divine Infusion triggers 4 times. He has Finesse to add his Int-Mod (a whooping 30 after some adjustments) instead of his Cha-Mod and has the Finesse and the Divine Infusion specialized and corrupted. That way, we have (90*3*4/6)=180 CP, if I calculated that correctly.

        It’s one of those characters that become more playable the further they are from 1st level, because they get a lot up front, but don’t scale nearly as well (the class grants you the ability to fill up a relic with your class-urelated points, like feat-points for example, but grants only companion-boni, weak warcraft and mediocre saves after 1st level).

        I think I’ll go with Possession and Path of Light. Maybe I could use Spirit of the Sage and specialize it for Knowledge Skills only.

        However, what is the Path of Curses? I haven’t found it in the book.

      • Ah, so it was…

        1) a L1 character with Divine Infusion (Specialized and Corrupted, presumably for Increased Effect) and Finesse to use his (Int Mod, effectively 30 due to other adjustments) in place of his (Cha Mod) for Divine Infusion. (Possibly a big template there?).

        2) Grand Awakening to jump the first level character to level five – thus gaining rather a lot of character points – possibly 120, 180, 240, or 360 depending on what the Specialization and Corruption are doing.

        3) Those points are then spent by the game master, many of them going into Endowment and (with that many points available) probably Greater Endowment, thus granting the followers either 1/6’th or 1/12’th of the invested character points – ranging from 10 to 60 barring further manipulations of the Endowment and Greater Endowment purchases (which, since they’re up to the GM, may or may not be likely).

        Not that my being clear on what you’re doing actually has any impact on your games of course, but it makes it easier for me to figure out what to recommend.

        A Path of Curses would just be a grant of a Domain/Path – perhaps full of specific curses generated from the spell template in the Practical Enchanter, perhaps with some of the generic “bestow curse” line of spells and some curse-like effects, of perhaps using one of the Paths from Paths of Power such as the Cursed Glances, Black Will, Infernal Legacy, or Wrath paths.

      • Essentially. I do have a big template my character assumes 24/7 (a modified changeling template, lacking flight, proficiencies and innate enchantments in favor of minor channeling, lacking con-score and being amorphous), but I figured that it wouldn’t matter for the Grand Awakening, since the template didn’t directly provide any boni and thus was “shut off” for the moment (the character survived the first transformation by draining himself and applying the curse to himself in favor of gaining the first few love points to function).

        On note of my input of what I actually gain, well there aren’t too many followers for now and thanks to the fact that the character can probably talk to about everyone who actively worships him, the DM said that I could give him something as long as it’s somewhat believeable.

        Which is also why I asked here for something that is normally granted or something fitting the character.
        I also added the Path of Curses. The final points went into Greater Endowment (again with the corruption that it applies to everyone who knows the minor deity as a minor deity, not just those that are somewhat loyal) for a very minor shapeshift-effect.

      • Well, that does sound interesting!

        Sadly, I haven’t seen a lot of gods in play; most game masters seem to be very reluctant to allow them. I haven’t really seen that much trouble with the ones that have been allowed though; the major effect seems to be mostly making things more “political” – with motives outside of “get stuff!”. Personally, I think that’s a good thing.

        Kevin, of course, is a rather specialized example given that his basic procedure is “Here are all the best toys! Go play!”.

  2. […] Dark Lord Kevin, an ascending godling specializing in bestowing power on his minions. Also his bestowed Power Package from fairly early […]

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