Werewolves Monte’s Way

   To continue with a request, here’s an Eclipse conversion of the basic Werewolf, from Monte Cooks d20 version of the White Wolf version. Once again, that’s pretty roundabout. White Wolf took the various traditional and Hollywood notions about werewolves, gave them their own spin, went through three editions – with some pretty major changes in the background and abilities of the characters – and then struck a deal with Mr Cooks, who gave their material his own spin and converted it to d20. Fortunately, the Eclipse d20 conversion is pretty easy – so here’s what you need to buy to reproduce this version of the Werewolf in Eclipse.

  • Two Bonus d12 Hit Dice, Specialized for Double Effect/can be bypassed to do damage to constitution by critical hits and special attacks, Corrupted/are rolled rather than taken as the maximum since they’re available at level one (21 CP). That covers the basics of the wounds-and-vitality style systems, wherein a characters basic hits are considered to equal his or her constitution. You can buy that in Eclipse too, and fairly cheaply, but – in this case – it’s a world law that applies to everyone, and individual characters don’t have to.
  • Self-Development: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 to any one attribute, +1 to any one attribute (42 CP).
  • Occult Sense/Low-Light Vision (6 CP).
  • Immunity/natural diseases and toxins (Common, Major, Minor, 6 CP).
  • Grant of Aid, Specialized in healing physical injuries only for double effect, Corrupted/cannot heal injuries from silver or more than 5 points per round, although the user decides how much of the daily total to use within that limit (4 CP). This is somewhat improved over the original version, since this version also covers negative levels and will automatically improve as the character’s power increases – but that really shouldn’t matter much.
  • 4d6 Mana, Corrupted/only usable for special-purpose abilities, no inherent abilities (16 CP).
  • Rite of Chi with +8 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted/works once per night during the proper phases of the moon, occasionally at special power sites at the game masters option, and whenever the user eats the heart of a newly-slain human victim (6 CP). The heart-eating routine is unlimited-use in the original version – but any given werewolf can only have so much Mana at a time, and – if they’re eating more than eight still-twitching hearts a day – things are a bit out of control. Buy a few more bonus uses if you must.
  • Grant of Aid with the Mighty Modifier, Corrupted/powered by Mana (6 CP). A werewolf can recover 1d8+5+Con Mod hit points, or 1d3+1 points of ability damage (or one of drain), or two negative levels per Mana point spent.
  • Resistance/+12 on rolls to resist injuring or betraying a packmate (18 CP). This isn’t part of the original version, but certainly seems appropriate. Since the restrictions on who’s in a pack only serve as a power limitation – which is more appropriately applied directly to the purchased power – you won’t find them here.
  • Beast Form (30 CP total): +2 Dexterity and Constitution (24 CP), +10 Move (Celerity, 6 CP), 1d8 Natural Weapons (9 CP), +8 bonus on Listen and Spot (16 CP), Scent (Occult Sense, 6 CP). Specialized and Corrupted/user transforms to a monstrous form and consequent discarding of most equipment, the user cannot speak human languages (although he or she can communicate with other werewolves in their monstrous forms), cannot see color, and cannot use social skills except with other werewolves. Taking this form is a free action during a chosen phase of the moon, otherwise it requires either a full round, a DC 15 will check, or spending a Mana point. Returning to human form is always simply a free action and occurs automatically if the user is knocked out or killed. These bonuses cannot be stacked with the Hybrid Form modifiers.
  • Hybrid Form (25 CP): +4 Strength, +4 Dexterity, and +2 Constitution (60 CP), 1d6 Natural Weapons (6 CP), +4 to Listen and Spot (8 CP). Specialized and Corrupted/the user is basically berserk, and must make a DC 20 will check to even speak a few words, can’t use Charisma-, Dexterity- or Intelligence-based skills (save for Balance, Escape Artist, Intimidate and Ride), Concentration, or any abilities that require time or concentration. To do anything other than move towards an enemy or attack (inanimate objects if no enemies are available) requires a DC 20 will save. User’s can’t stay in this form for more than a minute or so, and cannot invoke it more often than once every ten minutes or so.

   That’s 180 CP – pretty expensive. Of course, the entire package is Specialized; a Werewolf is barely capable of functioning in society, is incapable of learning out-of-theme abilities, is usually seen as a ravening monster to be destroyed, only feels comfortable when working in a pack, takes extra damage from silver when in hybrid or animalistic form (double the first five points), has a variety of emotional problems (at least by human standards), has very little in the way of ethics, and generally has an assortment of more-or-less automatic enemies. That takes it down to 90 CP – a +2 ECL Race or +3 ECL Template if applied to an existing race. I could shave a few more points off that by combining some features of the two forms and a few other tricks – but why bother? It won’t make any difference in the final +2 ECL result.


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  1. Hm. There was a drastic typo in the hit dice entry. It’s been fixed now.

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  3. […] ECL races/templates from Monte Cook’s World of Darkness White Wolf adaption: Vampires,  Werewolves, Demons, Awakened and Mages (with sphere-based magic and notes on the innate specialization of the […]

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