Demon’s Monte’s Way

   To continue with that request, here’s an Eclipse conversion of the Demon, from Monte Cooks d20 version of the White Wolf version. These “demons” are extra-dimensional energy-beings that pull a body together out of random material on arrival. Unfortunately, once they’ve created a body, they’re bound into it; if it’s destroyed, so are they.

   While they do have nasty and semi-classical personalities, these “Demons” really aren’t much like any classical depiction of them. They may be able to pull some of the same tricks if they take the appropriate powers later on – but I can’t honestly say they’re very “Demonic” to start with. Ah well, at least the conversion is pretty easy. Here’s what you need to buy to reproduce these “demons” in Eclipse.

   In this case I’ve actually taken off quite a few limitations; some of the original abilities were so crippled as to be nearly useless. There were also two minor variants, so I’ve simply provided the best abilities of the two in each category or a choice of where to apply the appropriate bonus.

  • Two Bonus d10 Hit Dice, Specialized for Double Effect/can be bypassed to do damage to constitution by critical hits and special attacks, Corrupted/are rolled rather than taken as the maximum since they’re available at level one (19 CP). That covers the basics of the wounds-and-vitality style systems, wherein a characters basic hits are considered to equal his or her constitution. You can buy that in Eclipse too, and fairly cheaply, but – in this case – it’s a world law that applies to everyone, and individual characters don’t have to.
  • Enthusiast, Specialized in Attributes: +4 to total attributes, these points may be shifted around each day (36 CP).
  • Self-Development: Total bonuses of +3 to it’s attributes (18 CP).
  • Improved Presence/causes fear when gazed upon, Corrupted/only while in their true forms and victims gradually develop an immunity at +1 on saves per exposure (8 CP).
  • Occult Sense/Darksight (6 CP).
  • Immunity/Bleeding (Common, Major, Trivial, 3 CP).
  • Immunity/Critical Hits (Common, Major, Major, 9 CP to reduce damage from critical hits by 30 points).
  • Immunity/normal metabolic needs (Very Common, Major, Minor, 10 CP). Demons don’t need food, water, air, warmth, and similar things.
  • Immunity/normal diseases, toxins, and things that affect the metabolism (Common, Major, Major, 9 CP).
  • Immunity/having Innate Enchantments dispelled or cancelled by antimagic (Common, Minor, Epic, 18 CP)
  • Innate Enchantment (5000 GP effective value, 6 CP): All abilities unlimited-use use-activated at caster level one. Personal-only (x.7 cost) where applicable. Disguise (1400 GP effective value), Charm Person 1/Day (400 GP) – and pick another 3200 “Virtual GP” worth.
  • Action Hero/Crafting, Specialized for Double Effect/only to pay the XP costs of Innate Enchantments (6 CP).
  • 4d6 Mana, Corrupted/only usable for special-purpose abilities, no inherent abilities (16 CP).
  • Rite of Chi with +8 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted/user must spend a good deal of time with the freshly-dead body of an intelligent creature, and even then it only works 5% of the time. (6 CP). Demons can trade Mana with each other, but not with other creatures. This could be built as a specialized immunity – probably costing about three points – but it’s more of a special effect; how often will demons be cooperating with each other to this extent?
  • Grant of Aid with the Mighty Modifier, Corrupted/powered by Mana (6 CP). A demon can recover 1d8+5+Con Mod hit points, or 1d3+1 points of ability damage (or one of drain), or two negative levels per Mana point spent.

   With a total cost of 170 CP, these are a fairly costly set of abilities. Fortunately, the entire package is – once again – Specialized. Demons:

  • Are horrific alien spirits, and must spend at least 50% of the time in their true, horrible, and unique forms. This makes them pretty obvious.
  • If slain, they revert to whatever materials they formed their bodies out of. This usually isn’t a big bother to them, but does save their killers from having to explain too much.
  • Are generally, and rightfully, considered the enemies of all other sapient races. Nobody likes Demons.
  • And are subject to either a
    • Bizarre Craving which they must indulge once per day. If they don’t they can’t regain Mana and suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to attacks, saves, and checks for every day that goes by until they do, although they can counter this penalty for one day by spending a Mana point.
      • Or a
    • Bane – some substance or situation which inflicts penalties to attacks, saves, and checks when the demon is exposed to it. A common bane imposes a -1 penalty, an uncommon one a -3 and a rare one a -6. The penalty stacks with itself and lasts for ten minutes, although any one creature can only use a bane against a demon once per minute. A demon can spend a Mana point to resist any one exposure to a bane. Banes have fairly blatant effects on demons, even if they’re currently disguised.

   That brings the total package cost down to 85 CP, well within the limit for a +2 ECL Race – or a +3 ECL Template if applied to an existing race.

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