The Mandates of Heaven

   For today, it’s a selection from the Dragonlore Multipower – the slots which make up the Mandate of Heaven.

   These are the some of the powers that get adult dragons worshiped as gods. The “mandates” are not necessarily dramatic. In fact, their manipulations are comparatively minor; it’s just that they cover a massive radius. Bringing ears of corn to the harvesting point in minutes is a conjuring trick in a windowbox, a nine days wonder in a field, and a blatant miracle in a famine-stricken province.

   The various “mandates” all have the same basic structure; 1D6 Minor Transform to a Limited Class (+.25. Specifics depend on individual “mandates”), Cumulative (+.5), 13x Extended Radius Area Effect (A 33KM / 20.5 Mile radius, +4.25), and “Selective Target” (+.25). The area is always centered on the user (-.5). Other “general” limitations on the mandates include requiring the user to lower his or her speed to “2” (-.5), requiring 5 minutes to start up (They may be used once per phase thereafter, -1) – and requiring intense concentration (0 DCV, -.5). Specific mandates may have other limitations, but these apply to all of them. 62 active points each. Limitations are at 2.5 plus the basic DragonLore limitations and any limitations on individual mandates – making each Mandate a one-point “ultra” multipower slot. For a mere eight points you can have the entire set. Specific Mandates include;

  • The Blood Mandate; Makes minor “modifications” on animals, such as; making them healthier and/or more fertile, making them bigger, transforming them to closely-related types, or slightly changing their basic characteristics (EG; “Wild” to “Domestic”). This Mandate is often used to increase (or provide) flocks and/or herds, ensure bountiful hunting, and so on.
  • The Earth Mandate; “To” any type of soil or stone desired. Only versus planetary crusts (-1). Often used to “create” areas of rich, clean, moist, and fertile soil, rich veins of ores and minerals, or simply to make solid ground in swamps.
  • The Emperor’s Mandate; Makes minor changes in the beliefs and attitudes of sentient individuals. It can be used to induce or undermine loyalty, alter emotional biases, create or delete minor memories (IE; nothing very extensive, or of great personal import), or to spread (or suppress) various practices. Unfortunately, employing this power does have “side effects” – generally a new “hunted” or something. SOMEONE will certainly take offense at this kind of manipulation (-.5).
  • The Mandate Of Fortune; This exotic mandate makes it’s targets either luckier or unluckier. This is a relatively mild – and very poorly controlled – effect (roughly equal to 1D6 of luck or unluck) but has a considerable impact on the prosperity – or the desolation – of the area affected.
  • The Green Mandate; “To” any similar type of plant at any stage of it’s lifecycle. Only vrs plants (-1). Often used to clear (or restore) woodlands, ripen (or blight) crops, tame jungles – or simply to mow lawns.
  • The Smith’s Mandate; “To” any desired form (can’t alter materials or properties, just shapes). Only works on inanimate materials and plants (-1). This Mandate is often used to create breakwaters and levies, dredge out river channels or canals, and otherwise carry out major public works.
  • The Tidal Mandate; Manipulates the sea – shifting currents, raising or lowering tides, and bringing or chasing away various sorts of marine life. The sea is, however, most resilient. Things tend to slowly drift back to the usual pattern, “healing”over the next few months or years.
  • The Mandate Of The Winds; Moderates the climate and weather of an area, Unlike “Change Environment”, this merely shifts and moderates natural patterns; it does not override them. Also unlike most of the other mandates – which persist until forcibly altered – this effect will gradually “heal”.

   Other Mandates may exist, but these are by far the most common.

   It should be noted that the “Aid” slots given under “Genesis” will work in conjunction with any Mandate. A pair of adults working together can manage some amazing things. It makes it very easy to “pay the rent” when they happen to be visiting somewhere. It should also be noted that “selective target” normally requires a “roll to hit” on each chosen target. This may take quite some time if you’re after “all the cabbages in the area”. On the other hand, the mandates “attack” 600 times an hour – and a “3” always hits. You can expect to get a hit two or three times an hour – hence a few hours will suffice to exercise the mandates effectively.

   The Mandates are also a splendid illustration of why NOBODY ought to be allowed to have a large power pool unless it’s severely restricted. For under 100 active points you could transform the entire planet – and add in “fully invisible effects” to boot.