Once More Updating Links

   Well, today it’s time to update some links again: I’ll put them all into this entry and start getting the index tabs updated later tonight, but here’s a quick listing of the material from the past few weeks.

Legend of the Five Rings:



  • Ilarion Drake, one of the young Celestial Dragons currently helping out. A corporate raider.
  • Jamathial, a young Celestial Dragon, Thrillseeker, and Rock Musician.
  • Stranglevine, a plant elemental of obscure motivation.
  • The Session 38 Log. The logs are badly behind, but this is still the latest entry.



  • Archetypes and Roles – Power Packages to suit a variety of character types for Eclipse: The Codex Persona classless d20.  Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and the How-to-use-them guide.
  • The Ri’aal: A change-of-pace nonhumanoid player-character species for d20 games which has innate magical powers instead of the ability to use tools and equipment.
  • Lingering Smoke: A quick conversion of a Sidereal Exalted character to Eclipse classless d20,  a minor favor for a friend.
  • Small Changes: An essay on the impact of relatively small racial changes on cultures.
  • Factions of the Manifold: An updated Faction list for the Federation-Apocalypse setting. 
  • The Federation-Apocalypse Game Session Logs for Session 21 and Session 22.


World Tree

  • Advanced Spellbinding is for when those pesky player character just have be experimentive, and start asking “What happens when I try (doing something weird)?” At least for Spellbinding, here are some rules for telling them.
  • Here’s a (severely condensed) version of the old Campaign Log. If anybody wants any more details on particular events, ask: I’ll look in the old notes and see what I can recall.