Archetypes IV

   For today we have a few more Archetypes for Eclipse: The Codex Persona.

   The Fortunate Scion enjoys numerous unearned benefits – powerful connections, good fortune, and the sympathies of many, yet feels that his life is dark and tragic. Unfamiliar with the realities of life, the Fortunate Scion assumes that any setback is worthy of drama and angst and that he should always be the center of attention. If his life is short of tragedies to moan about, he will edit them into his memories himself. He is young and naive and will inflict his tale of woe upon anyone else unwise enough to stand nearby.Multiple Contacts (Multiply points invested in contacts by (Cha Mod + 1), 6 CP):

  • Luck with +4 Bonus Uses: Corrupted: use must be specified in advance of rolling (8 CP).
  • Augmented Bonus/Add Int Mod to all Social Skill Checks (6 CP).
  • +4 CP spent on Contacts. Most of these will go to buying high-powered ones.

   The Merchant is richly dressed and wears a heavy golden chain. He carries a pouch, a writing kit, and a hidden purse. He enjoys the finer things in life and has a large appetite for them. The Merchant knows that everything has its price. If he is kind, he does not exploit it and treats his servants well. If not, he exploits everyone around him without mercy. He resents taxes and tariffs, and will evade them if he can.

  • Occult Sense/Business Opportunities (6 CP): The Merchant has an amazing nose for wealth, and is able to find ways to make money in the most unlikely of places.
  • Occult Sense/Bad Deals (Corrupted: The Merchant must study the deal for several minutes for this to work, 4 CP): As greedy as he is, the Merchant is ever-alert for attempts to strip him of his gains.
  • Lore/Bardic (Corrupted: the Merchant must have either gotten a recent report or have time to consult his Spy Network to use this ability, 4 CP): The Merchant has many informers. A few coins spread in the right places may ensure a priceless harvest of information.
  • Privilege/Wealth (3 CP): The Merchant has many resources, and is almost impossible to strip of funds. There is always another cache somewhere.
  • Innate Enchantment (Specialized: provides the equivalent of the “Handy Haversack” effect only, 3 CP): The Merchant can conceal an amazing assortment of items about himself, smuggling them through the most intensive searches.
  • Major Favors/Merchant House (6 CP): The Merchant is always associated with a guild or house, and sticks with them closely.
  • Enthusiast (Specialized in Skills, Corrupted for Languages Only, 1 CP): A true Merchant will never miss a deal for lack of linguistic skills. A greedy tongue is a limber tongue, and any Merchant will soon pick up enough of a new language to negotiate with.

   The Seducer is dressed in expensive clothing, loose and comfortable, but both his clothing and his hair are charmingly disheveled. He is jealous and possessive, seeking to bend others to his whim. He has little true regard for them. He borrows money and does not repay it. Beneath his charm there is an air of danger about him – an edge of arrogance, entitlement, and lurking violence.

  • Innate Enchantment (L1 cast at L1; 6 CP): Expressive Gesture (L0, expresses up to 40 words as clearly as speech at short range with a look, gesture, or posture), Charm Person, +2 Charisma, +3 Competence Bonus on Charisma-Based Skills).
  • Augmented Bonus/Add Int Mod to Chr Mod when using Cha-Based skills (6 CP).
  • Double Enthusiast with Adaption (Specialized in Favors, Corrupted: specific individuals only, each such individual can only be called on once, triple effect (6 CP): The Seducer can find a way to get almost anyone to do him a major favor – whether it’s blackmail, a clever tongue, or true seduction – but must spend at least ten minutes or so with a given individual to establish this bond and can only maintain a limited number (3 + Cha Mod) such individuals “on the line” at a time.
  • Immunity/Being Located (Very Common/Minor/Major, Specialized: Only works as long as the Seducer is spending virtually all his time with paramours and sponging off of them (6 CP).

   The Stoic has a duty, and will follow it to the gates of death and beyond. He is marked by his trade, enduring its callouses, stains, and hazards unflinchingly, despite the sings of those stresses etched onto his frame. His clothing and hands are worn, his frame and muscles solid, and his skin scarred and unwashed. He does not protest what is laid upon him, but accepts it unflinchingly, knowing that he can endure his burdens onto death and beyond.

  • Tireless (6 CP):
  • Inherent Spell/Oath of Endurance (a.k.a Malediction) (Specialized: Only usable on Himself, Corrupted: Only intervenes seven times, L9 Base Effect: The Stoic may swear to complete a specified immediate task, such as holding a bridge, keeping a ship on course through a hurricane, or completing a ritual, so long as the task will take a month or less to complete. For the duration the Stoic will need no food, drink, or sleep and will be assisted by a level four or less spell effect of the GM’s choice up to seven times – although the Oath will cheerfully bring the character back as an undead and bind him to the task until it is completed and he can fall to dust as the final spell if that should seem required, 6 CP) (Note that a Stoic can only be sworn to a single task at a time, the oath will keep him or her at it if it has to use those spell effects to compel him or her, and it will be at least 24 hours after the last oath before another can be sworn, even if the task is completed before then): The stoic is known for grasping the leg of his enemy despite his spilled intestines, for standing sleepless for a week, and for holding the invaders at the gates while everyone else escapes despite terrible wounds. How better for a man to die than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods!
  • Travel/Chosen Terrain (3 CP), with Mount/Vehicle (3 CP), and choice of either Fast (6 CP) or two additional Types of Terrain (6 CP): The Stoic has traveled far in the pursuit of his duty, and will travel more widely yet. Whether it be infantry marches, sailing vessels, or starships, his unfailing attention to his task will complete the Journey with great efficiency.