Archetypes, Continued

   Today, per some player requests, here are a few more Archetypes for Eclipse: The Codex Persona d20 point-buy characters – but not too many, because today has been somewhat busy.

   The Centurion is a miltary veteran. He is tough, professional, and disciplined. He acts without hesitation, carries a weapon, and speaks commandingly. He is impatient with speculation, mysticism, and abstraction, focusing on immediate practicality and leaving mysticism and philosophy to others. He wears a uniform, whether military or simply what he has decided is the optimum mode of dress, and uses his title instead of his almost-forgotten name.

  • Channeling (1+Cha Mod times per day, 6 CP, specialized in Spell Conversion, 3 CP), Circle of Power (6 CP), Conversion (Set of four L2 spells: Heroism, Flesh Ward (Dr 3/-), Longstrider (L2 variant usable on others), and Remove Paralysis. Specialized: Only usable on those who formally acknowledge the user’s leadership in battle and who can hear and understand his orders, 3 CP). The Centurion is practical and experienced. Those who listen to his orders in battle are far more likely to survive.
  • Immunity/Being Identified (Very Common / Minor / Major. Specialized: Only works at long range and to conceal the fact that no one knows the user’s name, Corrupted: only works as long as the user is ready to defend the local people, 4 CP). When the Centurion moves into an area, the locals will respect his silence, asking no questions and accepting whatever identification, if any, he wishes to give, as long as he is ready to defend them. Attempts to locate him from afar, whether mortal or supernatural, will be confounded; he is just another anonymous soldier among others.
  • Favored Enemy (Weapon types variant, 6 CP). The Centurion practices intensively with his weapons, and thus may be come exceptionally skilled with his favorites.
  • Specific Knowledge: +15 on Knowledge rolls related to the history, tactics, and weaponry of the military organization he originally served in (2 CP).

   El Diablo is a dashing rogue, good-looking and possessed of the devil’s own luck. He dresses in black and wears a mask. He is bold and daring, and takes excessive risks. His weapons and armor are light, the better to make quick escapes. He wears a cloak which swirls about him and has a brilliant smile. He is a man of wealth – whether legitimate or stolen – and may possess a comedic sidekick or servant.

  • Guises, Quick Change, and Mental Guise (5 CP): Specialized in a single, “civilian”, identity only, Corrupted: the identity cannot be changed later and can only be changed out of sight: Despite the fact that he wears no more than slightly different clothing and a simple band of cloth across his face, none ever suspect that the El Diablo’s Civilian and Adventurous personas are one and the same!
  • Immunity/People making the connection between his identities (Common / Minor / Major. Corrupted: only works as long as he does not change identities directly in front of people and is not formally unmasked, 4 CP).
  • Action Hero/Stunts (6 CP): El Diablo can pull off remarkable tricks, but occasionally his luck runs out.
  • Luck with +2 Bonus Uses (9 CP).

   The Performer dresses to attract notice and bears the tools of his trade. He is unrestrained by social conventions and feels free to comment without deference on all who come before him. He enjoys what there is to enjoy without apology and complains loudly when things are not up to his standards. He insists upon due payment for services rendered.

  • Inherent Spells: Lesser Confusion 2/Day, Hypnotism 2/Day, and Suggestion 2/Day (12 CP): Being able to confuse, fascinate, and manipulate an audience is the hallmark of the Performer. Their subtle influence can be found in manyplaces.
  • Guises with Mental Guise and Immunity to the usual Time requirement (Uncommon / Minor / Major), both Specialized (only works to lose yourself among groups of people who are willing to accept eccentric individuals with thin backgrounds, such as circus performers, artists, eccentrics, and criminals, 6 CP).
  • Mystic Artist (Select Performance Skill and Abilities, 6 CP).

   The Romantic is in pursuit of some numinous idealized dream, whether of love, beauty, or revolution. Regardless of the nature of the dream he bears it proudly, flaunting it for all to see. He is well-dressed and well-groomed but unconcerned with money. He is happy and fulfilled, knowing his purpose. He has a smile for everyone and scatters small gifts upon those about him.

  • Luck with +4 Bonus Uses (Specialized: only usable for Rerolls, 6 CP) and Blessing (Specialized, only usable for sharing Rerolls, 3 CP). All the world loves a lover and the gods watch over fools: the Romantic is lucky himself and his cheery interventions bring good fortune to all his friends.
  • Advanced Presence/Aura of Cheer (Corrupted for Reduced Cost on the basic Presence and Increased Effect on the Advanced modifier: only works while the situation remains peaceful, +6 on relevant social checks, 10 CP).
  • Immunity/Suspicion (Very Common / Minor / Minor. Specialized: only works while the character invests the vast majority of his time on socializing, 4 CP): So long as the Romantic spends most of his time attending parties, pursuing romantic entanglements, and socializing, his very obviousness protects him from all social scrutiny. He may gossip about forbidden or treasonous subjects or sneak about in the night, and – as long as he avoids leaving a blatant trail – his activities will be shrugged off. “Him? That’s just Chaldis, he’s like that, but he’s harmless…”
  • Enthusiast (Specialized in Skills, Corrupted: Languages Only, 1 CP): While he may never speak like a native, the Romantic can soon pick up enough of any language to get along.

   The Thief is furtive, nervous, and always on the alert. His clothing is loose, and has several hidden pockets. He lives lightly, his back to the wall and always ready to flee. His eyes are keen, his fingers quick, and he has more cash than he can readily explain. He has a criminal record and uses an alias. If he must fight, he does not do so fairly.

  • Lore/Underworld (6 CP): Attuned to the pulse of the streets, the Thief can easily locate purveyors of illegal goods and services, identify scams, find fences and safehouses, and otherwise navigate the dark side of civilization, even in places where he has never been before.
  • Innate Enchantment (6 CP): +2 Competence Bonus to all Rogue Skills, Expeditious Retreat, Hidden Touch (L0, increases the TN to notice a Slight of Hand attempt by +10), and +2 Dex. The Thief lives by his wits, and the penalty for losing the game is all too steep. His skills are honed.
  • Immunity to Divination (Common / Minor / Major – or effects of up to L5, 6 CP): In a world of magic, only those with the knack of resisting or evading divinatory spells can become truly successful thieves.
  • Luck with +8 Bonus Uses: Specialized (rerolls only, cannot “take 20” in advance) and Corrupted (Skills and Attribute Checks only) (6 CP).