Sparky, a resident of the World Tree

   “Sparky” was a character belonging to Clint Thomas Walker (1980-2008). In a world where “dragons” were tiny, delicate, ageless creatures who wielded complex and precise spells, collected lore, and stretched their memories across the centuries, “Sparky” insisted that dragons should be huge, that magic should be pure and spontaneous, and that he couldn’t remember any details of his past. He tended to push the limits of his spontaneous magic rather recklessly. Thanks to the immense power of his spontaneous spells, this often turned into something of a disaster. Every other Zi Ri they encountered thought he was quite crazy – and very young to be out on his own.

   The groups general theory was that “Sparky” had blown himself off a higher branch with some ill-considered over-powered improvisation, and his memory problems were some sort of side effect. They certainly never found any effective way to treat him.

   Sparky eventually elected to stay with Arden for a century or two: between them they could play with pretty much every kind of magic there was – plus he got a very comfortable lifestyle, a big heap of lozens to sleep on, servants to order around and play with, a chance to participate in all kinds of magical activities, the occasional personalized enchantment, and someone who was better than he was at explaining to help him out when some improvised spell went drastically wrong. All in all, more than fair pay for acting as an assistant.

   The copy of his character sheet I had on file was nowhere near being up-to-date. I’ve added on a few things from my notes – mostly the list of Knacks and the Soak increase he’d acquired through the end of the quest to visit all the gods – but an up-to-date version would include a good many more skill boosts (despite his habit of keeping all his noun and verb skills equal to save calculation). Note that – in combat – his usual tactic was to hide on or behind a melee specialist and provide spell support – unless he’d managed to get some major melee enhancements running and gotten larger.


Name: “Sparky” (Refuses to use any other name)

  • Race Zi Ri
  • Sex: Herm
  • Age: Unknown. Presumed fairly young – and likely preadolescent.
  • Cley Refresh Time: Dawn.

Racial Modifiers:

  • +4 Knack in Magic Resistance, +7 knack in Sustenoc
  • Fly; Superb control, modest speed.
  • Scales; +1 Soak, +12 Defense, most other armor and shields unusable. Can use a buckler if not flying.
  • Fire Breath (Not very impressive).
  • 3+d6 Extra Com-10 Spells
  • Flame Resistance; -6 damage.
  • Meditation Bonuses when in fires.
  • Does not age and will not die of natural causes.
  • Can only use very small equipment

Personal Advantages:

  • Self-Taught Mage (3)
  • Reserves Of Strength (Variant; he gets much larger. This is less tiring than usual, 3)
  • 20 points worth of Unknown Advantages (10)
  • Sparky’s “Unknown Advantages” were eventually discovered to be:
  • Adept; +10 on on Art rolls and power of spontaneous magic (8)
  • Mystic (Doubled Adept, 4)
  • Emergency Spell x3 (3)
  • Living Magic (3)
  • Cluster Of +2 Knacks (2): Cley Base, Magic Resistance, and Spontaneous Force

   Thanks to the groups adventures – including spending many years on a grand quest to visit all the gods, apologize for their various messes, and get them to sign off on raising the Cyarr to prime status – they acquired quite a few additional advantages. The more notable ones included a selection of Knacks (+4 Aquador, +3 Herbador, Durador, Illusidor, Magiador, Mentador, Creoc, Ruloc, Healoc, and Mutoc, official membership in the Smiths Guild, and increasing several attributes by +1. Sparky also accidently infused his scales with some of the substance of the Silver Moon, spreading out the damage from attacks across time, and thus raising his natural Soak to 4 against all attacks). While zie did manage to arrange to get bigger (and stronger and tougher) eventually, thanks to having some of the upper limits on Zi Ri growth removed, zie only seems to be adding an inch or two a century.


  • Believes Zi Ri “should be” huge creatures (-1)
  • Greedy/Wants a huge horde (-2)
  • No Default Equipment (-1)
  • Trouble Grafting Pattern Spells (-5)
  • Optimistic (-1)
  • Naive (Partial Memory Loss, -2) (Effectively half value, due to going over 10, for -1).

Combat Basics:

Life Base [3x (Stamina + Life Base) 60
Bad Injury (Trouble-3) = ½ 30
Awful Injury (Trouble-6) = 1/4 15
Incapacitated (—0-) 0
Dying -(Will + Life Base) -16
  • Cley: Faith + Cley Base + d6 Daily = 26+1d6+up to 22 from Living Magic.
  • Defense: 33
  • Soak: 5
  • Combat Maneuvers: Vary Stance, Pull Punch, Expert Wild Parry, Expert Careful Retreat.

Spontaneous Magic:

  • Art Rolls (roll once per art involved): s20 + 35 + Relevant Noun/Verb Knacks versus (2x Complexity). One botch die per art.
  • Power Roll: 69 + 3s8 + Relevant Knacks + Mundane Skill Modifier + s20 per cley. Usually at least 100. +20+s20 if using one of his three daily Emergency Spells.
  • Cley Use: s20 + 29 + Relevant Knacks. If <35 use 2d3’s or 1d4. If 35-49 use 3d3’s, 2d4’s, or 1d6. If 50+ 4d3’s, 3d4’s, or 2d6’s.


Attribute Score Boosts
Strength -1  
Stamina +3*  
Dexterity +2  
Agility +5*  
Perception 0  
Faith +4  
Memory +2  
Wits +5*  
Will -1  
Charisma -1  

   *These attributes have been improved by +1 in various ways.


Magical Skills  Level Knacks Boosts Net
Cley Base 20 +2   22
Concentration 6     6
Feather Casting 5     5
Finesse 6     6
Hammer Casting 5     5
Magic Analysis 5     5
M. Resistance 14 +6   20
Magic Theory 5     5
Meditation 8     8
Ritual Magic        
Spellbinding 3     3
Spontaneous Force 22 +2   24
Noun Skills     

Level Knacks Boosts Net
Airador 10     10
Aquador 10 +4   14
Corpador 10     10
Durudor 10 +3   13
Herbador 10 +3   13
Illusidor 10 +3   13
Locador 10     10
Magiador 10 +3   13
Mentador 10 +3   13
Pyrador 10     10
Spiridor 10     10
Tempador 10     10
Verb Skills  Level Knacks Boosts Net
Creoc 10 +3   13
Destroc 10     10
Healoc 10 +3   13
Kennoc 10     10
Mutoc 10 +3   13
Ruloc 10 +3   13
Sustenoc 10 +7   17
Fighting Skills  Level Knacks Boosts Net
Claws and Teeth 5     5
Combat Stance 10     10
Life Base 17     17
Pole and Staff        
Social Skills  Level Knacks Boosts Net
Etiquette 4     4
Flirting 4     4
Guile 6     6
Athletic Skills  Level Knacks Boosts Net
Climb 5     5
Dance 3     3
Dodge 16     16
Hunt 3     3
Craft Skills  Level Knacks Boosts Net
Animal Handling        
Armor Repair        
Enchantment 9     9
Medicine 12     12
Music 6     6
Spellweaving 3     3
Wilds Survival 5     5
Rogue Skills  Level Knacks Boosts Net
Alertness 6     6
Make/Pick Locks        
Pick Pockets        
Search 3     3
Set/Disarm Trap        
Slight Of Hand 1     1
Sneak 8     8
Knowledge Skills  Level Knacks Boosts Net
General 8     8
God’s Tongue        
History and Literature 9     9
Judge Value 5     5
Natural Science 4     4
Social 4     4
Theology 3     3


Pattern Spells:

   Sparky was never big on pattern spells – but zie did know a few, presumably because zies parents insisted. Zie tended to prefer to improvise unless he was worried about spending too much Cley for some reason.

  • Com-5: Carry the Log (Ru Hr 5, Base 28), Extinguish the Fire (De Py 5, Base 22), Hide the Gaping Pit (Cr Il 5, Base 28), and Tasty Treat (Mu Il 5, Base 28).
  • Com-10: Barrage of Baffling Bats (Cr Il 10, Base 28), Heal Once (Hl Co 10, Base 25), Hiding in Nowhere (Cr Lo 10, Base 25), Quiet Veil (De Il 10, Base 28), and Saved Glimpse (Su Il Hr 10, Base 35).
  • Others: Heal the Awful Wound (Hl Co 20, Base 25) (Arden insisted on this one), and Breath of Life (Hl Ru Co Sp 30, Base 28) (Arden also insisted on making him graft this one – although he can’t quite cast it yet).


Enchanted Rings: These are mostly creations of Ardens.

  • (1) Casts Remedy for Magiador with Sp on the wearer (healing 1d6+Users Medicine Skill/3) damage using the wearer’s own Medicine skill, whenever the wearer takes damage. While this works against most spell damage, it most notably works against the damage he takes from using Living Magic – which he habitually uses to keep his reserves up.
  • (2) Casts Transfer Cley (Com-5) when called upon, allowing the user to losslessly transfer up to 3 Cley to a target within short range.
  • (4-6) Casts Divine Word at Com-10 (adding +s8 Power) to assist each spontaneous or pattern spell the user casts when called upon.
  • (7) Provides Sleeth Eyes (See in the dark, Com-10) continuously.
  • (8) Provides Toughen the Flesh (Com-10, +1 Soak) continuously.
  • (9) Provides Heal Once (Com-10) at Power 20 12x/Day using the wearer’s medical skill. This normally heals (4+ Users Medicine Skill) wound points but only works once per day per target.
  • (10) Reduces the power of incoming hostile spells by d6+5 (Wimps Cantrip with Sp at Power 25).

   Bound Spells (up to 22): Arden normally keeps Sparky supplied with 6x Heal the Awful Wound, 4x Pretense Of Health, 4x Faster then Time, 2x Change Place, 2x Spell Shunt, 2x The Quick Escape, and two of choice – normally all bound with reasoning. There isn’t usually much call for these in town, but you never know when something will come up.

   For other gear, Sparky normally uses an assortment of ornaments, a small pack/satchel (charmed as a Big Bag), with some snacks, a Talisman of the Rolling Wheel, a scarf that allows him to reroll any three rolls per day (obtained on the Silver Moon), a very small metal buckler, a very small metal knife (as a tool rather than for combat), and an assortment of minor supplies.

   Sparky may have acquired more recipe enchantments since retiring: given that the characters spent a great deal of time towards the end of their careers roaming the tree far from prime civilization, their opportunities to acquire such things were fairly limited.