Battletech Level Four: Chapter Eleven

   Well, chapter eleven is up: this one covers Mini-Units – drones, smart missiles, combat armor, small combat vehicles, scout vehicles, cruise missiles, ICBM’s, nuclear warheads, patrol boats, rescue helicopters, infantry support systems, and similar units. While manned units in this category these do suffer from morale penalties when they’re up against the big stuff, they can still have quite an impact…

And for today:

   First up for today is the subpage for Raven, a first edition AD&D character who’s wandered through quite a few campaigns. First up its his history, the rest of his character sheet will be going up later on.

Battletech Level Four: Chapter Ten

   First up for today is Chapter Ten of the Level Four Battletech Rules – Failed Technologies. This chapter is about weapons that didn’t work out – but which may still be useful in specialized situations or designs. Protomechs, the Graff Thunderer, the Ball Ightning Generator, the Ion Lance, and the Steam Cannon – as well as complete failures such as the Ion Lens – can all be found here.